About Elin

Elin completed a two year program, at Bountyfull House in Vancouver’s East Side in the late 80’s, studying Jungian Psychology, theoretical, practical and personal work, under the guidance of The Director, Larry Mackey, who created an innovative approach to inner healing, focusing on the “whole” person, and addressing all of life’s difficulties.

During her years at Bountyfull, Elin developed a 5 Step programme for small groups of women, focusing on Personal Growth, Meaningful Relationships and Inner Healing.

After the tragic loss of her husband, Jim, she continued studying Jungian Psychology, attended seminars and did her own personal work, which helped to bring her back to a place of well being and renewed passion.

Elin now counsels individual clients applying proven, effective techniques developed over the years, using leading edge psychological material, information, and is currently studying with Dr. Gabor Mate’s Compassionate Inquiry training programme. His psychotherapeutic approach reveals what lies beneath our persona - the appearance we present to the world. She is privileged to be a part of this unique and exciting training, using new skills, scientific facts, a new language and learning more about herself as she adds these beautiful gifts to her practice.

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